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Browsing may be my favorite way to add to a list of potential college and education training programs. I was the kid (…adult) who would sometimes choose a book from the bookshelf in the library because I saw it while I was looking for another one. So many titles and book covers and new topics and so little time.

As you go about your day-to-day activities and see or hear something or someone interesting, learn something new on purpose. Politely ask a new colleague a question. Watch a new video or show. Click on a related post. Randomly choose your next book or movie. Contact a long-lost friend or family member. Drive without directions across a new place. In sum, browse.

Your explorations just might “accidentally” lead you to a college or training program that is perfect for you.

Then, share your browsing example with us. How did you unexpectedly find the school or training opportunity for you?


Starting Your Potential List of Colleges/Programs: Intro and Wikipedia (Part 1)- ways to start your potential list of colleges/programs:

  • Local experiences (Part 2): considering local colleges/programs that are familiar (e.g., because you drive by them every week)
  • Word of mouth (Part 3): knowing about options because you have family, friends or advisors who attended those colleges/programs or who work there
  • Rankings (Part 4): choosing potential options based on a credible evaluation that ranks the opportunities
  • Role models or prominent people (Part 5): adding options to your potential list based on the education of successful people, athletic teams, etc. you have read or heard about or seen
  • Browsing (Part 6): finding potential options by accident or as you search for information for other reasons [FEATURED IN THIS POST]