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About Ten & Twos

Why Ten & Twos™?

Whitney, Dr. M. and Joe (December 2012)

Whitney, Dr. M. and Joe (December 2012)

Ten & Twos with Dr. Felicia Mebane™ started in the summer of 2010 with my friends, Joe Whitmore (then a student at Virginia Tech) and Whitney Chrisco (then a student at NC State University now Mrs. Whitmore). Both Joe and Whitney were also Fellows in the inaugural year of the UNC Summer Public Health Fellowship Program (UNC SPHF).

In the second half of the program, Joe and I regularly took a brief walk in a loop winding through the second floor of the three building of the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. During our walks, we would stretch our legs and catch up on recent happenings, and Joe would seek my advice on his career plans or summer projects. To help break up the day, we would take these walks mid-morning and mid afternoon. Eventually, Whitney would ask Joe about his “ten and two o’clocks with Dr. Mebane.”

Inspired by my walks with Joe, I began to think about how I could offer this type of support for other UNC SPHF Fellows and other students or public health professionals at UNC and beyond. I decided that Facebook and Twitter would be great ways for students to connect with me and seek tidbits of advice. I also decided to create a companion blog where I can expand on the Facebook or Twitter responses with more explanation or other connections.

Thus, Ten & Twos™ was born!

UPDATE: May 21, 2013

After a long hiatus, the blog is back and with a broader focus. Ten & Twos™ now offers general tips and information on what I call “How to Edu,” i.e., topics related to how to pursue degree, certificate and other training programs (not just related to public health). For example, a high school student might ask how to find advice on picking a college. Or, an undergraduate student might ask about how to pick a major. Or, a recent graduate might ask for advice about how to talk to their advisor about changing advisors or create a great application.

While I will not have all of the answers to your questions, when I do not know something specific, I have a fabulous network of people and online sources that can help me at the very least “point you in the right direction.”

UPDATE: August 1, 2014

Public health is baaaaaacck!! Ten & Twos is officially back to its original focus on public health: education, training, careers and professionals.

Who is Dr. Felicia E. Mebane?

Dr. Mebane (left) with Dr. Barbara Rimer (one of her mentors) at a commencement ceremony.

As an adjunct professor and former assistant dean for student affairs, I  have advised thousands of current and prospective students about public health and their careers at two of the best schools of public health in the country, the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health and Harvard University. I know a thing or two about how to help students.

Whether you are a high school student curious about how to get into a good school, a mid-career public health professional considering a change in careers or just want to stay connected to happenings in student services, I hope to give you a boost along your  journey!

Felicia E. Mebane, PhD, MSPH

Founder, Education and Training Pursuits, LLC
CEO, Mebane Media Communications, LLC
Adjunct Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health

Assistant Dean of Students, UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health (2005 – 2011)
Director, UNC Summer Public Health Fellowship Program (2009 – 2011)


While I do not intend for my information or advice to be definitive (i.e., I cannot make decisions for you or take responsibility for your decisions.), I am confident that through the information in this blog I can be helpful…and sometimes witty and fun :). Also, links to other pages or sites that are not part of this blog are not an endorsement of that content, individuals or organizations. While my goal is to link to trustworthy sources, I do not take responsibility for the content or actions of other sites or organizations.

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