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Back to Public Health Basics

For the past year, I expanded this site to be inclusive of all types of careers. Now, public health is the top priority again. Fortunately, the general advice on "How to EDU" that was the focus, of course, applies to public health careers. As always, please follow Ten...

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Looking for a Career and Have a High School Diploma?

I believe that everyone should do their best to earn a high school degree or its equivalent. High school-level education and training helps to ensure that we have sufficient knowledge of math, history, science, languages, etc. to earn a living; that we are prepared...

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Summer Time and the Access May Be Easy (Easier)

If you are thinking about applying to a college or program this fall or later and have not yet connected with their faculty or staff, summer may be your time. One of the best actions you can take to help your chances of being accepted into a program (aside from doing...

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(More) Student Blogs

Student blogs are an awesome and accessible way to learn about topics and living on a campus. Check these out: Life at A&D: Student Blog STAMPS School of Art & Design, University of Michigan Diverse Perspectives on Science and Medicine: The Student Blog PLOS...

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