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As promised, I consulted with a biostatistician at my current school for inspiration. While today’s featured organization was not her idea (thanks, anyway, Dr. Herring), she shared some great ideas that I will share with you later.

Today’s featured public health organization was founded by a biostatistician, Jean Orelian, DrPH, MStat. Perhaps you will find some inspiration from Dr. Orelian’s efforts and the opportunities represented by organizations like SciMetrika.

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Dr. Orelien. Credit: SciMetricka

Dr. Jean Orelian, President and CEO, SciMetrika

SciMetrika is a public health consulting firm whose mission is to provide innovative scientific, technical, and logistical solutions that advance human health. We serve federal, state, and local agencies, commercial companies, educational institutions and private research organizations….

Our greatest strength is the quality of our senior scientists and expert consultants. Together, they represent decades of experience working in government and industry to support human and public health research.  Our senior scientists and expert consultants are supported by an interdisciplinary team of public health professionals, in which approximately forty percent hold doctorates, another forty percent have masters of public health degrees, and twenty percent have masters of science or bachelors degrees.

Our services consist of: scientific assistanceprogram developmenttechnical assistanceprogram evaluation and management consulting.