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In a prior post, I noted that I would consult with a biostatistics expert on interesting topics and sources related to statistics and health. Dr. Amy Herring, my source, came through for me!!

She recommended following an organization called STATS. They write articles and share insights into the meaning of the numbers behind the news. And, when they focus on health and stats, they are into public health or biostatistics.

For example, a March 3, 2011 article on their website, “Scary or spurious? Diet soda and the statistical probability of stroke,” looks at a study of diet soda and the risk of having a stroke and the news coverage of it. In sum, some news organizations did not note the fact that the results of the featured study are preliminary. Other news coverage was more cautious. Given that some people rely on news coverage for advice, this kind of difference can matter.

More on STATS (copied from their website):WHAT IS STATS?

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