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As a mentor for several students in college or pursuing advanced degrees, this time of the year can be very exciting. Right about now, some of them are starting to get a good idea of their prospects, i.e., where they have been accepted.

For some of these students, even the blessing of multiple acceptance letters or offers can be a mixed one. Some of them feel pressure to make THE perfect choice, which might involve pleasing their parents or a fear of missing out on opportunities or having a bad experience.

I try to reassure my mentees by reminding them that everyone has multiple paths to success and job or career happiness. Though finding a good school match is important, among similar quality programs, whatever choice you make, you will learn a lot, build on your network, and prepare for the next step I.e., Your choice will likely be worthwhile.

In sum, instead of seeking perfection in your selection, focus on making the best possible choice given your information and goals. And, once you accept an offer, celebrate…and focus on making the most of it.

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