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Looking for a fun and informative way to engage with public health issues? Of course you are!

Check out Encore! Featuring Public Health: Arts and Entertainment with a Public Health Twist.

Encore! showcases arts and entertainment with connections to public health. More specifically, the goals are for visitors to appreciate arts and entertainment even more, learn more about public health and be inspired to pursue the best of both.

Each Encore! post starts with inspiration from arts and entertainment. Contributors (eventually more than just me) share reactions to what they have seen, heard, felt, i.e., experienced. Perhaps a contributor read a book with a character struggling with a mental illness or watched a movie in which a character rides a motorcycle and doesn’t wear a helmet or heard a song that mentions (or not) the use of condoms…and wants to write/talk about it.

The public health twist in each post is the encore to the original arts and entertainment experience, another look or an extended view. And, for this site, the encore may also feature what is not included. Perhaps a contributor wants to help people by sharing links to real resources for families struggling with mental illnesses or  information about how many injuries could be avoided by wearing a motorcycle helmet or context via real numbers on condom usage. Posts can also include resources on how you can get involved with the issue or arts / entertainment project. In any case, the encore strives to be interesting, informative and inspiring.

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