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Thanks to Amanda, I am answering my first Ten & Twos online question! In response to my solicitation for questions about what folks can do as a registered dietician or a public health degree, she asked about careers in bioethics.

Ethics in public health research and practice is both a key tenet and, sometimes, a secondary concern. Public health professionals are trained to value and pursue equity, respect and ethical practices.  That said, in the rush of our regular activities, we may not always fully factor into our decisions the best possible ethical outcomes. To help keep a focus on ethical decision making, resource allocations, etc. in public health and medical care, we need expert bioethicists!


Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health

Though it doesn’t have a public health focus, here is an article describing general issues in and career options for experts in bioethics, including public health or medical experts with an additional focus on ethics.

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The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues advises the President on bioethical issues that may emerge from advances in biomedicine and related areas of science and technology. The Commission works with the goal of identifying and promoting policies and practices that ensure scientific research, health care delivery, and technological innovation are conducted in an ethically responsible manner.

Group photo of the commissioners and Executive Director Valerie Bonham (credit: the commission, 2011)