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Can’t find specific career or student services, alumni or other resources at your university? See what other academic sites offer.

University/college/community college websites can be a good source of information on a wide range of topics. I.e., The information is typically 1) geared to what students and recent graduates need and want to know, 2) not tied to commercial interests, and 3) presented in a user-friendly way. And, with some exceptions, these resources are accessible to the resource-seeking public…i.e., all of us.

Note: When you find information that you need on a school’s site, I recommend downloading a copy ASAP. Pages can change with no notice.

As an example, UC Berkeley’s Institute of International Studies has pages from a workshop with tips on writing a dissertation proposal. I especially like the Nuts & Bolts section, which includes a timeline. It can be a challenge to find succinct and concrete views of this overall process/product. Of course, you must also adhere to your program’s process and content requirements.

Found any useful college web pages? Please share them with us!