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A LOT of news articles, blogs posts and research have provided evidence and discussed the rising costs of college education. While most people agree on the value of training and education after high school, they can disagree on whether the benefits outweigh the costs.

College costs and value, considering both when choosing your education and training and ways to fund your education and training will be topics for future Ten & Twos posts. This one focuses on money management.

No matter what high school, university, graduate degree program, trade school…you get the idea…you plan to attend or currently attend, NOW is a great time to start managing your money wisely. I know from personal experience how keeping track of spending, income and financial goals can help anyone achieve some amazing things, including financial security. I managed to finance part of my undergraduate education and all of both of my graduate degrees with student jobs and a great academic record. And, with hard work and spending discipline, I took care of my student loans and car loan within a few years of finishing my last degree. It is totally possible for you to do that, too!!

Below are some tips on money management for everyone, regardless of age or career stage. And, don’t let the lists intimidate you! Start by listing ALL of your spending and income to see where you really are. Then, implement specific tips, one at a time.

Need more help? Try campus or local community resources, especially if you problems (e.g., with your credit, loans or paying bills).