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If you are in high school and beyond and are planning for or considering additional training and education, GradSense is a useful resource on finances.

Created by the Council of Graduate Schools (an association for deans of graduate schools) and in collaboration with TIAA CREF (a financial services organization that focuses not-for-profit sectors), GradSense provides several tools for financial planning and links to other resources.

Want to know what a particular degree might be worth? Their database shows median debt and salary ranges using available reports (i.e., all degrees may not be included).

Need ideas for building your savings or figuring out loan payments using different repayment plans? They have tools for that.

Want help evaluating or negotiating a job offer? You got it. This site offers some basic information and tips to help you get started.

In sum, GradSense makes sense as a place to start thinking about and planning for your financial health.