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Where was this resource when I was in school…schools? How great, right?!

Of course, the current opportunities they feature vary depending on your interests and location. For example, I put “nutrition” into the “keyword/major” search field and did not find direct opportunities, especially near Raleigh, N.C. I am sure gaps will fill as the database grows. If you already live in a major city or can move to one (even temporarily), even now you will see many more options in this database.

On the A+ side, this resource includes internships, entry-level jobs and student jobs. It also connects users to other resources, like blogs on interviews or with sample documents. You can also try their Internship Predictor ® (which, I have not tried).

Want to know if your college or university is connected to this resource? Check out this list of 300+ College and University partners.


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