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Today, the Chicago Tribune reported on recent reaction to new government advertising guidelines encouraging advertisers and the food industry to promote healthy food to kids.

Food, advertising industries call voluntary guidelines unreasonable

The Guidelines

Research suggests the ads aimed at kids encourage them to eat foods high in fat, sugar, sodium, etc. encourage childhood obesity. Officials and nutrition advocates argue that changes in these ads could have a significant impact on children’s food choices. In addition, an interagency working group recommended voluntary nutrition standards for food and beverage companies.

The Push Back

Advertisers and food/beverage industry officials think the proposals are too stringent and may not be effective. They also argue that any advertising that reduces demand or advertising dollars could cause these industries to lose thousands of jobs, an unpalatable result in these economic times.

Which side do you agree with? Should the food industry change popular foods to make them more healthy? Should they also have to promote healthy options?