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One way public health experts influence people’s behaviors is to communicate messages about what to do or not to do to be healthy and why. To be effective, these experts rely on theories, research evidence and actual results to develop best practices for improving health.

If you enjoy talking to people, working with mass media, understanding how people process information, etc, you may be well suited for a career in health communications.

The Coalition for Health Communication is a resource for information about health communications graduate programs, job opportunities and more.

About the Coalition for Health Communication copied from their website:

The Coalition for Health Communication is an inter-organizational task force whose mission is to strengthen the identity and advance the field of health communication. This organization grew out of the recognition of the need for professionals and practitioners to be more aware of each others’ contributions and to provide a focus for their interaction.

The organization seeks to promote the integrity of and advance the field of health communication while assuring a focus on communication in those efforts, and while recognizing that health communication research and practice are conducted across numerous disciplines.

Organizational Alliances