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I just love a great video, especially when the advice is similar to what I share with students :).

Here is a short (couple of minute) video on choosing a college major. Also included, are similar videos on choosing classes, double majors, etc.

I think the main point for choosing a major is to take some time to really think about it. While your major will NOT make or break your career, it can start you on your career path. The idea is to choose a major that fits you and your goals vs. stumbling into a major by convenience…unless the result happens to work for you.

Again, there is more than one way (or major) to pursue any career. For example, some jobs for recent college graduates and graduate or professional degree programs are looking for ambitious, hard-working, accomplished people regardless of their major. Doing some job or career research before you choose a major will help you understand which ones require specific skills (such as lab work) or courses (i.e., knowledge) or experience (i.e., volunteer service or leadership positions).