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If you think identity theft or other forms of online insecurity are just about rich or older people, or rich older people who have money to lose…think again. Stories about fake profiles, stolen information and online security breaches don’t discriminate based on age.

So, pay attention to your accounts, change your passwords more than once a year and pay attention to news about the most recent security breaches. The careful habits you develop starting today may protect you later…when you have more to protect.

Examples and Resources

UNC junior Kristin Shotwell searches for her Tinder identity thief, The Daily Tar Heel by Carolyn Ebeling, 4/7/14

Identify Theft, Federal Trade Commission website

  • What to Do Right Away
  • What to Do Next
  • Specific Types of Identify Theft
  • Protecting Your Identity
  • And, more information

How Codenomicon Found The Heartbleed Bug Now Plaguing the Internet (and what people can do about it), powered by National Cyber Security Alliance

  • Keep a Clean Machine
  • Protect Your Personal Information
  • For Parents
  • Mobile & On-The-Go
  • And, more information