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For three months in 2015, I had the great fortune to be a fellow in AcademyHealth’s AcademyHealth’s Innovators-in-Residence program. For three months, I worked from an office in Washington, DC on a creative project, while learning more about the fabulous folks who work for this¬†organization and what they do for their members and the field, in general. (Can you tell I enjoyed my time there?)

My project is a podcast called Health Services Unplugged, a podcast featuring health services and policy researchers, research and stories. The goal is to give a different view on these topics and make them more accessible to more audiences.

If you are interested in health services or policy, listen in to a pod or two. You can meet interesting people, learn something about their research and perhaps be inspired to pursue a career in health services.

Credit: Dr. Felicia Mebane

Credit: Dr. Felicia Mebane


Problem Solving Obesity with Black Youth in Baltimore” (Pod 3)
featuring Dr. Sara Bleich and Mr. Joe Whitmore