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Celebrity Partnership Supports Community Health

Here is a great example of a celebrity leveraging their profile and passions to help communities. Public health professionals can have multiple roles in these types of programs, from management and evaluation to communications and health care delivery. Jennifer and...

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Food Policy and Politics in the News

Health policy in elections may be changing. The consequences could open up new roles in elections for experts in health policy and politics or political analysis. Group aims to put food policy on the kitchen table. Group aims to put food policy on the table Washington...

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Cool Source for the Latest Health Research

Here is an awesome site with interesting and important health research from top universities around the world: Futurity. Though the topics are not just about public health (because health is more than public health, though that can be hard to tell sometimes), they...

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Keeping Track with “The Nation’s Health”

Looking for an accessible (as in not super technical) resource to follow what’s happening in public health? Subscribe to The Nation’s Health, a publication of the American Public Health Association. You don’t have to be a member of APHA to subscribe (.and APHA members...

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Public Health with an Entertaining Twist

Looking for a fun and informative way to engage with public health issues? Of course you are! Check out Encore! Featuring Public Health: Arts and Entertainment with a Public Health Twist. Encore! showcases arts and entertainment with connections to public health. More...

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Happy Labor Day Weekend…with a Side of Safety!

Wishing Everyone a Safe and (U.S.) Happy Labor Day Weekend! See the American Red Cross tips for rip current (as in rip tid_, beach and grilling safety. Going to be driving to a party and celebrating with alcoholic beverages? Check out AAA's links to safe ride...

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