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A Shameless Podcast Plug…Unplugged

For three months in 2015, I had the great fortune to be a fellow in AcademyHealth's AcademyHealth's Innovators-in-Residence program. For three months, I worked from an office in Washington, DC on a creative project, while learning more about the fabulous folks who...

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Become a Public Health Expert. It’s Dr. Wirth It!

Here is one way experts improve our lives. They share facts and perspectives on public health issues, such as the recent spread of measles in the U.S. Check out the interview from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. "Sick with measles, again" Infectious...

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Looking for 2015 Fellowships?

Fellowships can be a great way to transition from school to a career path. They typically offer participants on-the-job training and support, while relying on fellows to apply lessons learned and experience gained from recent degree or certificate programs....

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